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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Horoscope August 2011

March21- April 20
>progress is seen in all areas and recognition and popularity peaks. A love affair , a new direction  in career or business , and travel plans will materialize .

April 21- may 21
>Avoid  aggression and control your ego or a miscommunication could undo all past efforts . A past love affair returns to trouble you financially . Minimize travel .

May 22- June 21
>Watch out for hidden enemies and control expenditure until the 22nd. Also minimize travel and follow rules . Something secret could be exposed bringing embarrassment.

June 22- July 23
>A change to make changes , look towards a new business direction or find romance . The last  11 days create tension in partnership that bring depression .

July 24- August 23
>You arrive at a crossroad due to reversals in all areas . Those aged 22,31,40,49,58 and 67 must be cautious and avoid taking risk after the 21st. Beware of traps and travel cautiously.

August 24- September 23
>Until the 21st, your efforts will not produce results ,but after that be ready for recognition , financial reward and love , especially if you are aged 23,32,41,50,59 and 68. A partnership beckons .

September 23- October 23
>A difficult first 21 days that upset relationship to the point of breakdown. there  is also financial threat d difficulties at work ,but an amazing turnaround after that brings solutions .

October 24- November 22
>Avoid aggression and you could succeed in persuading others to help you. Expansion in responsibility comes with financial gain ,whilst seeking love attention also materializes .

November 23- December 22
>This first  21 days produce offers in all areas . Complete all projects before this time especially if you are aged 22,23,31,32,40,41,49,50,58 and 59.

December 23- January 20
>Career and financial areas meet a disappointment in the first  21 days but an amazing improvement in all areas comes after that , including a rebonding in love areas .

January 21- February 19
>In the first 20 days ,expect disappointment which include a love rejection , financial reversals and blame . But after that ,there is good news on a new partnership as well as love .

February 20- March 20
>Your efforts pay off during the first 20 days, but avoid taking risks because after that you face rejection and could be financially crippled. Take up offers but it is not going to be easy .

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